Thursday, May 3, 2012

Aphrowho? AphroKiKi is in the building!!

     Aphrokiki was created for the purpose of appreciating beauty. It is also a place where I can post inspirational pictures, informative articles, and positive images of women celebrating their natural beauty. I also plan to keep track of my hair's progress as well as the setbacks I encounter, and from time to time I will review natural hair products. The natural journey is an educational journey, therefore I'm an advocate of all naturals getting to know their hair. I hope this blog will inspire those who wish to explore their natural texture to transition and experience the joy of caring for your hair in it's natural state. Now for a few facts about my natural journey:

Date of Last Perm: May 21, 2010

Duration of Transition: 7 months

Big Chopped: December 19, 2010



My relaxed hair in 2008.

Transitioning in 2010 with kinky twists.

Day of Big Chop! Notice the Beanie =)

My first twist out! Look at that TWA Grow!

     "Going Natural" can be difficult, but the hardest part is getting started. Letting go of old behavior was my biggest obstacle. If it wasn't for the countless blogs and Youtube videos that I watched during my transition I would not have made it. I've been free of the creamy crack for 2 years now and I'm never going back.

Keep it nappy ya'll!

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