Friday, December 21, 2012

Beautiful Textures: A Product Review

     I discovered Beautiful Textures when I attended the Taliah Wajiid Natural Hair Show in Atlanta earlier this year, and let me just tell you, I'm glad I did! Beautiful Textures creates products for mixed textures including curly, wavy, kinky-coily, and frizzy hair. I was able to get my hands on a full-sized sample of their Tangle Taming Leave-In conditioner at the hair show which by the way, if you ever have a chance to attend definitely go because many product lines will happily give you samples. I left with two big totes of samples and discount coupons to use online!

      But back to Beautiful Textures. The leave-in conditioner is certainly in the top ten list of my favorite products. It is enriched with aloe vera, olive, soy, Argan oil, and shea and mango butters. It is very light so it is perfect for detangling before or after washing your hair, and it is perfect for wet twist outs. You could also use it on dry hair, just to add a bit of moisture-- just rub a bit on your palms and run you hands over your hair and you're good to go. I used this mostly on my protective styles during the summer so that my natural hair, even though it was in braids,stayed moisturized. Also, scent-wise it was very light-- you can really pick up the notes of shea butter and mango. I noticed that my hair always felt super soft when I used this product so I will definitely purchase more. You can find it at Sally Beauty for about $6. A steal!!
       Another product I really like from this line is the Curl Control Defining Pudding. It has the same enriching ingredients as the Leave-in conditioner, so you get a double dose of goodies for your hair. I use this product for styling on damp/mostly dry hair-- that means I use it for my twist outs, braid outs, flat twist outs, and bantu knot outs. It does a great job of detangling my 4c hair and setting the styles so I achieve the desired curl and definition. It is creamy in texture and has the same light scent as the leave-in conditioner. I don't think it makes my hair as soft as some of the hair butters and cremes I've used in the past, but it produces good results and you cant beat the price ($7 at Sally's). I'm still on the hunt for a staple styling butter since I've given up the pricey  Curly Meringue from Ms. Jessie's (which wasn't even all that great because sometimes it left flaky white stuff in my hair...yuck.) Curl Control is a great alternative to more expensive products. So if you're like me and you take care of your hair on a budget, you should give Beautiful Textures a go; the line gives you solid results and you get more bang for your buck. One container of each of these products lasts me about a month and a half, which translates into 4 washes and about 45 twist outs. Just saying you guys, Beautiful Textures is where it's at.

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