Monday, December 24, 2012

Keep Calm

     Just a quick post today. So, I totally had a moment today with my hair. I really wanted my hair to behave a specific way today because it was my birthday, and we all know that we want to look special on the day that we realize we've gotten a year older. I don't know why my hair didn't turn out the way I was expecting it to, especially since I've spent about a year and a half training it. Anyway, I attempted to do a braid out on stretched hair. When I took down the braids, half of my hair was fly, curly, and fierce, but the other half was not! At first I thought, "Okay, no big deal, I will just re-braid it". The second time around wasn't any better, it had actually gotten worse! I had no curl definition at all, so one side of my head had stretched curls while the others was a chunky afro. Utterly exhausted, I repeated the process of restyling my hair, this time putting in chunky twists on both sides. Basically, I'm telling this story because there is a lesson in it, I promise. I was very frustrated almost to the point of tears, and this really never happens with me. I am not that girl who cries over her hair!!!! I ended up stepping away from the mirror and the hair products, throwing a scarf on it, and gaining the patience I needed to let my hair do its thing. I had to remember that there will be days when my hair doesn't have the perfect curl, definition, length, height, whatever. My hair has its off days too-- and because it's fierce 98% of the time-- it's allowed a break. It is sometimes difficult to do, but being patient is so necessary when it comes to caring for your hair. If you don't have that resilience you may end up making rash decisions that may seriously damage your 'fro. Avoid styling your hair when you're in an emotional state, and instead, step away from the mirror and remember the reasons why you went natural to begin with. Caring for your natural hair is a beautiful thing, and it is one of the most unique things about you. A bad hair day here and there can't change that.

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